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Peak Shaving, Energy Reduction & Time of Use

 In Our  latest environmental vision, Brightvice Energy is announcing low cost Energy Reduction Planning Analyses. Ben and our Engineers work with local Utility and governments to reduce the need to expand the grid, provide more robust and reliable energy through localized generation, reduced demand, peak shaving, and other systems (e.g. PLCs, equipment controls and more). The announcement allows for all manufacturers and large producers to save substantially on demand charges and startup costs after brown-outs and black-outs.

 This means that glass producers no longer lose tens of thousands in re-heating cooled plants, and cryptocurrency mining operations never cease profits. These companies, with changes as simple as a switch to LED lighting, can reduce the demand charges and essentially, the improvements pay for themselves in 7 years or less. Following the return on initial investment, the produced power, and savings dovetail into the profits for any company who appreciates efficiency.

Also, equipment is longer lasting, and far exceed warranties because the quality of power entering compressors, steel presses, and other equipment by cleaning the AC power available at the time of demand.

And since electric usage accounts for 70 percent of the CO2 emissions produced by  North American manufacturing facilities, it stands to reason that cutting electric usage is central to the company advancing toward its goals.

In the past year, Brightvice has helped North American plants undertake a number of initiatives to reduce their energy usage and many of them are finding success through the usage of LED lighting. Manufacturing plants in Ohio, Indiana, Alabama and Canada have all incorporated changes to LED lighting as part of their energy reduction plans, but many are finding other benefits to the lighting as well.

“LED lighting is a win-win for Honda,” said Honda North America Facilities Manager Karen Heyob. “It reduces both our environmental impact and our operating cost. LED lighting is not only energy efficient, reducing electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also eliminates mercury in our plants and offices. And, they are 100 percent recyclable.”

“For new construction, LED light fixtures are really the only choice that makes any sense,” said Green Factory Leader Dirk Nordberg. “LED fixtures waste less energy converting electricity into light, so they use less energy and generate less heat. That is a direct saving on energy costs and an indirect saving to air conditioning costs.”

“LEDs give us the ability to tailor the lighting intensity, distribution, and color to meet very specific design criteria,” Nordberg said. “This can improve quality in our manufacturing processes and reduce eye strain in office areas. For processes where exacting measurements are expected and tolerances are small, the quality of the new lighting is essential for quality control."

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Brightvice Energy has been installing off grid solar before Grid-Tie solar existed. From 1998 to the Present we have Designed and Installed Battery Back-up, UPS and Energy Reduction Services. All types of batteries and self-sustaining on-site electricity production and storage facilities.  This includes systems around the world, including Africa, the Caribbean and more. Brightvice is relied on by large players in the energy industry for all types of energy production and storage needs.

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